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Our Pearl sugar (also known as “nib sugar” or “hail sugar”) is a product from refined white sugar and is 100% sucrose. The hard, opaque white pearls come in various sizes and do not melt at temperatures typically used for baking. The pearls are made in a unique extrusion process and imported from Belgium.

Pearl sugar in general is also known as pärlsocker in Sweden, and as perlesukker in other Scandinavian countries, except Finland, where it is called helmisokeri or more commonly raesokeri ("hailstone sugar").

In Scandinavia, pärlsocker is used extensively to decorate various pastries and confections, cookies, especially on top of plain Swedish bulle or Finnish pulla cakes, muffins and buns, such as kanelbullar (cinnamon buns) and chokladbollar.

In Germany it is known as hagelzucker and traditionally used on Christmas cookies and cinnamon buns.

In Belgium, it is used in Liège waffles, while in Friesland (a northern province in the Netherlands) it is used in sûkerbôle (sugar bread).

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Microbiological data

Microbiological data


You can download the Belgium pearl sugar spec sheet here:

Pearl Sugar Spec Sheet (PDF - 530 Kb)


Belgium pearl sugar specifications sheet